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What is the difference between Life Coaching and Performer Mindset?

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Next Up offers two different coaching programs: Life Coaching and Performer Mindset. Both programs are designed to help the client build an inner infrastructure for success. Both programs contain sessions that are custom designed, by lead coach Alexandra Herzog, to meet each client’s respective goals. Both programs result in clients playing bigger in their lives!

So what makes them different? Let’s start with the Life Coaching program!

What is a Life Coach? 

Life Coaching at Next Up

The Life Coaching program is designed for any individual looking to find clarity, authentic confidence and motivation to reach their goals. Alexandra currently coaches clients from age 13 to mid-sixties, in a wide-range of life stages and careers! People typically seek a life coach if they feel they are feeling lost, low on confidence, or stuck; unsure how to move forward. Often, this is accompanied by a little voice inside that whispers (or even yells!) that something needs to change. This is an amazing place to start! As your coach, Alexandra encourages you to listen to that voice! It is speaking to you for a reason. Click here to read more about why you should work with a life coach! 

The Life Coaching program is 10 sessions. It takes consistency to make concrete change. These 10 sessions can be done weekly or bi-weekly. With that, we understand that our clients are busy individuals, deeply engaged with life- so, one thing that Next Up uniquely offers, is the ability for clients to book sessions on a day/time that suits them for each session. For example, it is not necessary to always be “Thursday at 7pm”. If one week a Saturday is best, and the next a Tuesday evening is best that is absolutely encouraged! Coaching is here to support you in the life you are already living! That being said, if you crave the “Thursday at 7pm” consistency, we can absolutely make that happen.

The first step is identifying what your top 3-5 goals for coaching are. From there, Alexandra will design 10 sessions that support reaching those goals! As previously mentioned, Next Up’s Life Coaching program is bespoke to each client’s individual goals. Prior to the client’s first session, Alexandra will send the client a list of ideas to inspire the creation of their top 3-5 goals for coaching. Goals might be anything from ‘building authentic confidence’, ‘managing impostor syndrome’, ‘navigating fear’, ‘creating a wellness routine that feels like me’ to ‘clarifying my goals and creating an actionable plan to achieve them’, ‘inner critic to inner coach’, and ‘reducing anxiety’… just to name a few!

Each session will have a topic. Each topic will come with discussion, actionable skills and tools, and (a little bit of!) homework. The homework is an important piece, because it is not only important to learn about the topic in your coaching session, but to learn how to incorporate your new discoveries and breakthroughs into your daily life. The homework amount is absolutely not overwhelming, but rather a way to practice a new approach or way of thinking!

By the end of the 10 session Life Coaching program, clients will experience a grounded and authentic sense of confidence, empowerment, and clarity in the path forward! Though many clients choose to work with Alexandra beyond the 10 sessions, it is Alexandra’s goal that her clients gains enough tools and skills to be able to coach themselves through future challenges. After completing 10 sessions, clients have an actionable plan on how to move forward, and know exactly what to do next in order to play bigger in their own lives and careers! Click here to read about what clients are saying about Next Up! 

Want to experience more calm, clarity and confidence? It is time to work with certified Life Coach, Alexandra Herzog! Click here to book a Discovery Call to meet Alexandra and ask any questions you might have!

Performer Mindset at Next Up

Next Up’s other offering is the Performer Mindset program. This program is designed just for you if you are an artist or creative person! Many actors, dancers, singers, musical theatre performers, creators, designers and writers have found huge success after completing the Performer Mindset program. Lead Coach Alexandra’s first career was as an elite performer on huge stages, so this offers the advantage of an ease, short-hand and deep-understanding about the business (as we say in… the business). Alexandra has lived experience and perspective on her clients’ unique experience.

The Performer Mindset program is done over 8 sessions. Each session is 60 minutes, over Zoom. Like the Life Coaching program, these sessions can be done weekly or bi-weekly at a time that suits the client. Alexandra understands that performer’s lives look different week to week (with auditions and project deadlines, etc.) so there is no need to have a consistent day/time for your sessions. One week you may want a weekend, and another week you may want a morning session! It is whatever suits your schedule! That being said, if consistency is something that you love, we can make that happen too!

The 8 session series will be designed by Alexandra to meet the Performer Mindset client’s unique coaching goals. Alexandra will discuss these goals with the client in their initial session, so she can plan sessions that support the client in reaching their goals for working together. She will also provide the client with a list of topics that inspire setting these goals. They might be things like ‘manage Performance Anxiety’, ‘figure out where I want to be in the industry’, ‘stay motivated while auditions are slow’, ‘manage rejection’, ‘stop comparing myself to others’, ‘build authentic confidence’, or ‘impostor syndrome’… just to name a few! Click here to read more about Performer Mindset coaching.

Performers emerge from this program with a new sense of authentic confidence, clarity about what they want and how to get there, and many tools to cultivate calm amidst the ups and downs of the industry! This program changes lives and careers! Many of Alexandra’s clients have booked Hollywood and TIFF movies, worked at big festivals, started businesses, quadrupled their income, and made incredible career changes after working with her! Success lives here. Want to read what clients have to say about working with Next Up? Click here! 

Alexandra also has a specific program for competitive dancers called Competitive Dancer Mindset. For more info, check it out here!

If you are interested in the Performer Mindset or Competitive Dancer Mindset program, book a complimentary 15 minute Discovery Call with Alexandra today! During this call you can get to know her, and ask any questions you might have!

We absolutely cannot wait to meet you and create lasting change! Still have questions? Send us an email!

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