I want to give you the tools to move forward in life. To get off that
emotional rollercoaster and handle whatever comes next with confidence and clarity.
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I have gone through all of this so you don’t have to.

I have gone through a journey of overcoming self-doubt and finding fulfillment in my career. My first love was dance, and I worked tirelessly to achieve success, but I was incredibly hard on myself and struggled with confidence and self-worth. Even when I had a stacked resume and was playing leading roles at the biggest theater in Canada, I still felt overwhelmed by critical thoughts and looked down to see my costume shaking on my body before going on stage. I needed help badly.

After hitting a wall in my career, a friend set me up with a life coach. I invested more money than I had in the bank to work with her, but it changed my life. I started to see myself more accurately, bloom with confidence, and re-connect to all the parts of myself that had been lost along the way. My coach helped me get crystal clear on my next chapter, and I ended up getting the most fulfilling job of my life and making more money than I needed. This profoundly life-changing experience inspired me to get certified as a coach, and I started my own coaching business called Next Up.


Alex Herzog

I work with people of all ages, in all careers, and at all stages. Though my first career was in dance, I have found common ground with all of my clients who want to achieve at a high level and find calm and joy along the way. My goal is to help everyone I work with create a life they can’t wait to wake up to. I am on a mission to help people bring an end to living beneath their full potential and create purposeful and fulfilling lives by getting clear on their vision for the future, identifying what is holding them back, and teaching them industry-leading skills and tools to achieve their goals. I am deeply invested in the people I work with and create personalized, inspiring, and clarity-building coaching sessions. I can’t wait to meet and help you achieve your full potential!


Understanding that failure is an important part of the process.


Healing our most inner wounds with mindfulness and meditation.


Self-compassion, especially when the self-doubt creeps in.


Building a strong mindset over relying solely on your abilities.

"Alex helped me get back on track with my purpose."

"Working with Alex has been an absolute game changer. Not only is she the most enthusiastic cheerleader for each and every one of my adventures, she is also so wise and generous. Alex has an incredible gift of seeing big bright dreams futures and she inspired me to dream big again. She helped me get back on track with my purpose. Big love and thanks to Next Up Coaching!" 

"Working with Alex has been a true breath of fresh air."

"It has helped me to rediscover and redefine my passions, goals and purpose in life. Each session was an opportunity to pause, reflect and grow and discover these hidden truths about myself. The guidance and care that Alex took with me as we went together on this Coaching journey helped me to find the clarity I needed in my life to make confident decisions, set intentional goals and to help define what I really want in life." 

"I've been feeling prepared, equipped and a lot more in control"

"I've been feeling prepared, equipped and a lot more in control of what I can be! Every day I find myself pulling from the wealth of knowledge and useful tools given to me by my fabulous Next Up coaches." 

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