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Dancer Mindset

Hello Competitive Dancers!

Has performance anxiety ever stood in the way of performing the way you want? Does your self-talk hold you back from feeling confident? Has comparing yourself to other dancers made you forget what you really bring to the stage? You are not alone!

It is time to reach your full potential! 

Through Next Up’s Competitive Dancer Mindset program you will learn vital mindset skills and tool to perform at your best! This program is designed for competitive dancers ages 12 and up who want to strengthen their dancer mindset.

Do you or your studio want to build up your mindset tools and skills? Connect with Next Up Dancer Mindset coach Alexandra Herzog to book one-on-one coaching or group workshops.

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“Alex helped tremendously. I definitely see her confidence coming back!”
- Ashley Harbarger, parent

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How It Works

Working with Next Up is seamless. See how your coaching journey will look, beginning to end! Your only task: Book your Discovery Call. We’ll take it from there!

1. Book Your Discovery Call

This is a complimentary 15 minute chat with Alex (on Zoom). No need to prepare anything. Alex will ask you a few questions to learn more about where you’re at, where you would ideally love to be, and what you hope to gain from coaching. You are welcome to ask Alex questions too!

2. Choose the Coaching Package that suits you

Would you like to purchase a series of sessions? Or invest deeper in yourself and work with Alex for 3 or 6 months? The choice is yours! Alex will advise you what would best support you, based on your goals.

3. Book Your First Session

For one-on-one coaching we will meet on Zoom. You are welcome to have a consistent day and time or change it up each week. During your first session we will discuss and outline your goals for working together.

4. Your Second Session and Beyond

Alex is here to teach you skills and tools to create an empowered mindset. She will always come with a certain area of focus for each session, but if there’s something you’d like to specifically touch on that day, that is exactly what we will do! You will get a little bit of homework each session. The homework is important because it helps integrate your learnings into your life.

5. Get some Alex support, 7 days a week!

This is complimentary! Alex is available to you via email between sessions. Having a difficult day? Big interview coming up? Send her an email. She is excited to support you.

6. Your Final Session

Leave knowing exactly what to do next! Remember the coaching goals you set at in your first session? We will create a toolbox with your favourite skills, tools and techniques for each those goals. A Next Up client favourite!

"Thank you so so much for everything."

"You’re amazing and incredible I’m so happy you are there for my daughter! She just loves you."

"I barely felt any stress or pressure before going on stage at my last competition!"

"I didn’t win, I got second and I’m very proud of it! You really helped me, thank you!"

"I can't thank you enough for your guidance."

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to say the weekend went very well.  I can't thank you enough for your guidance. Compared to what I saw her struggling with a few weeks ago, I believe that your session with her made all the difference for her mentally. THANK YOU!"

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We’ll chat about where you are now, where you’d like to be and how we can help you close that gap! Ready to get started? 

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Get excited about this:

Dancing to your potential

Getting nerves under control

Feeling more excited, less stressed  

Building authentic confidence

No more comparing to others because you are attuned to your uniqueness

Developing a fierce but kind work ethic

Taking away your Inner Bully's power

Building unshakable self trust

Feeling proud of yourself no matter what

Being kinder to yourself about mistakes

Discovering who you are outside of dance

Certified Life Coach in Toronto & Online

Get to know your coach
Alex Herzog

Alex Herzog is a certified Life Coach, creator of Next Up’s Performer Mindset program and founder of Next Up. She has coached hundreds of humans of all ages, careers and life stages who have a deep desire to play bigger. She has been featured on Apple’s top Heath and Wellness podcasts, in live speaking engagements across Canada and the US, and as an in-house coach for many successful businesses.

With her first career was as a successful professional dancer, no one understands pressure, perfectionism, and performance anxiety as much as Alex. Though individual backgrounds may differ, the common ground she has with each and every one of her clients is: wanting to achieve at a high level while finding calm and joy along the way. Imagine waking up every day with a clear sense of direction and purpose! Alex deeply invests in the people she works with by creating personalized, inspiring and clarity-building coaching sessions. Building an empowered mindset is a non-negotiable in building a fulfilling and joyful life and career. Don’t wait any longer to take control of your life; book with Alex today!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Dancer Mindset coach?

A certified Dancer Mindset coach is a professional who works with dancers to help them define and achieve their goals. A Dancer Mindset coach is different than a therapist in that Dancer Mindset coaching is focused on skills and topics specific to dance and performing. Dancer Mindset coaches provides guidance and support to help competitive dancers combat performance anxiety, build authentic confidence, manage pressures and develop a mindset to perform at their best! We help identify their strengths, overcome obstacles, and develop a plan for success. A Dancer Mindset coach can help in areas such as anxiety, confidence, and career path.

How does a Dancer Mindset coach help?

A Dancer Mindset coach can help in many ways, including

Manage Performance Anxiety and nerves: Performance anxiety and nerves are common among competitive dancers. A Dancer Mindset coach teaches competitive dancers tools to overcome anxiety and fear so the feel more in control and can perform at their best in the moments that count.

Navigating setbacks: what to do when you don't win: The pressure to win can feel overwhelming. A Dancer Mindset coach teaches competitive dancers how to build a growth mindset, which is integral in any competitive field.

Reduce Comparison to others & Build authentic confidence: Dancers tend to be quite hard on themselves, experience feelings of perfectionism, and focus on the areas they are lacking. A Dancer Mindset coach help competitive dancers discover what they truly have to offer by guiding them through exploring their personal uniqueness and authenticity. This helps dancers build authentic confidence and truly own themselves and their performances.

Career: How does competitive dance transition to a professional career? Is that what I really want? What would that look like? A Dancer Mindset coach can absolutely help with this big life decision! 

Why is mindset important for Competitive Dancers?

"Good athletes will train their skills, great athletes will train their minds" - Shannon Rollins, Sports Psychologist.

Mindset really is everything when it comes to success. Athletes work with sports psychologists to be ready for a meet; competitive dancers are no different. Our goal at Next Up is for each dancer to perform to their potential. Nerves, anxiety, a lack of confidence, comparison, etc. really affect doing one's best! Technique is great, but if the 'best' dancer crumbles under pressure, they are unable to do their best work on stage. We are here to help! 

What ages does Next Up work with?

Alex works with dancers age 12 and up.

Does Next Up offer payment plans?

Absolutely. Invoices can be paid in instalments at no extra cost. Next Up accepts credit card or e-transfer for payments.

Does Next Up offer any courses I can purchase and do on my own?

Coming soon! Email connect@nextupcoach.com to be put on the first to be the first to know when they are out!

Does Next Up coach in person or online?

Next Up coaches one-on-one clients online, but is happy to travel to you if you would like an in-person group workshop or presentation.

What does a typical session look like?

Dancer Mindset sessions are 45 minutes each. Each session will have a focus (for example: building confidence, navigating performance anxiety, creating a growth mindset, etc.). Coach Alex will teach the dancer skills and tools around that topic. There will be time for discussion, learning and application of the tools. Dancer Mindset coaches use a range of techniques to help clients reach their goals. While each coach will have their own approach, some techniques we use in Dancer Mindset coaching include:

1) Teaching of skills and tools. We make this practical and usable! The dancer will learn: "when I feel X, I can do Y to shift out of it". Dancers will leave with a toolbox of skills to have with them for life!

2) Visualization. Visualization is a popular tool used by sports psychologists and athletes. We will teach the dancer how to visualize the success they want, and why it is an incredibly important skill.

3) Discussion. We use discussion to explore what might be holding the dancer back. This might include (but not be limited to) fear, pressure, stress, comparison to others, anxiety, limiting beliefs, and so on. Having healthy discussion about these topics in a safe environment with a certified professional is a wonderful way to begin to work through them. The Dancer Mindset coach will offer tools to create new feelings and beliefs about oneself.

4) Homework. We teach the client how to implement the tools and skills they're learning into their daily life. Dancers will learn how to build new, healthy mindset habits. Don't worry, the homework component isn't overwhelming! But, it is important to learn what to do with the information you have learned from your coach, and how to apply it to your daily life!

Do parents come to the sessions too?

Parents are always welcome, but it is not necessary as there is no dedicated parent involvement. Parents are also welcome to communicate with coach Alex at any point via email. 

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