I want to give you the tools to move forward in life. To get off that
emotional rollercoaster and handle whatever comes next with confidence and clarity.

What's in the name Next Up
1. Next time you are next up for a presentation or performance I want you to feel calm and in control
2. When someone says next when you're in a waiting room for an interview or audition, I want you to feel more excited than scared!
3. You are next up in shaping this world and I want to help you take on your incredible life with clarity and confidence!

 Whether you are navigating a highly competitive career, or are looking for direction to help you navigate life’s challenges, Coach Alex and EFT practitioner Betsy's combined experience in the performing arts and psychotherapy (respectively) gives us a unique perspective from which to offer tools and guidance

We use both of our skill sets to give each person we work with a safe place to feel seen and the right tools to move forward with purpose. Here’s more of our story!

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life Coach | Performer Mindset coach

Alexandra Herzog

“In my career in the performing arts, I have achieved huge success on some of the world’s biggest stages, and I have also experienced many of the lows: the fears of not knowing what is next, the instability, the uncertainty. Throughout my training, we were taught all the techniques and skills to improve our abilities and talents, but we were never taught how to handle the hills and valleys of a high-pressure career where the next job is not guaranteed. After working with a coach, I learned the importance of building a mentality that could handle ebbs and flows. It opened my mind to what is possible to achieve if you have a healthy and empowered mindset. Because I’ve pursued my dreams at such a high level and seen what a difference a coach can make, I know what it means to have support to achieve your dreams with clarity, confidence and calm, in all areas of life.”

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Next Up Values

Building a strong mindset over relying solely on your abilities.

Self-compassion, especially when the self-doubt creeps in!

Healing our most inner wounds with mindfulness and meditation. 

Understanding that failure is an important part of the process!

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