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What is Performer Mindset Coaching?

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What is Performer Mindset coaching?

Performance Anxiety affects people from all walks of life, at all ages and in in all careers. From athletes to business people to anyone delivering something live in the moment, the stress that comes from having to be “on” is very real. 

Performers (dancers, actors, singers, jugglers, acrobats, poets, musicians… the list goes on!) understand the pressure of having to deliver at a high calibre on a regular basis more than anyone! There is often only one chance to “get it right” in front of a live audience. All eyes are on you. Audience members are possibly evaluating whether they are enjoying your performance or not. How could this not induce immediate anxiety?!? 

All of this is layered into the intense feeling of needing the performance to go well so you are hired again. Bills need to be paid. And if you don’t “nail it”, a future where performing pays your bills might not be a reality. Then you start to spiral about what might happen next… do I give up? Do I pursue something else? Can I make ends meet and still be happy doing something else? The questions are profound and the pressure is real. 

One might think “so if performers experience this anxious feeling regularly, wouldn’t it become involved with performing well in new roles, on new stages, in new audition settings; and the intersection of that with the bigger picture of what the performer wants in their life outside of their job rarely ceases to get easier.  Each show and each audition can feel like starting again, like starting from scratch. 

Throughout my professional career as a Musical Theatre performer, dancer, actor and choreographer, I witnessed myself and so many of my peers struggling with anxiety. The most mind-blowing part for me was this: on paper and in practice all of these people were incredibly successful. They had stacked resumes, were working at the best theatres in the country and were playing great parts. You would think that all the evidence was there that they could take their foot off the gas and celebrate their success! 

This made me wonder what might help the performer untangle, understand and reframe their feelings so that they could enjoy both the present moment and their lives as a whole. When I went to college (for Musical Theatre) we learned how to sing, dance and act. We learned nothing about navigating the mindset, challenges and anxieties of being a performer. 

Managing your thoughts and stressors as a performer is as important to your success, longevity and happiness as your skills. Maybe even more important. 

This is why Performer Mindset coaching is a key component to your training and success! 

Performer Mindset sets up the performer with a strong, healthy and empowered mindset to navigate the business. There are many things that happen in the business that are out of our control. Storms come. Things go wrong. But, with a healthy mindset, the performer will maximize the potential of what is in their control, and navigate the items they can’t control with confidence, empowerment and forward-motion. 

When you sign up for Performer Mindset coaching we start with a complimentary 15-minute Discovery Call. In this call we will get to know each other, see if we vibe, and you tell me what you you currently experiencing as a performer that you would like to shift out of. After this call I create an 8-session series based on your own unique goals and needs. If you aren’t clear on what your goals are, no problem! I am here to help you create them! 

No two client’s 8-session series are the same! It’s not a one-size fits all! Your sessions are created uniquely for you and what you need. That is really important to me and I take great pride in creating a curriculum based on exactly what the performer needs.

Our sessions will answer questions and cover topics such as: 

  • What do I truly want as a performer? 
  • How do I take the steps towards what I want? 
  • Building authentic confidence
  • Setting goals (which is a lot more in-depth than just setting a random goal! We do a ton of excavating work first to find out what you truly want, what brings you joy, what you are passionate about, where you’ve found success in the past. It is a deep and fun process that leads to goals you’re truly aligned and excited about!) 
  • Reducing Comparison to Others
  • Exploring Limiting Beliefs
  • Tools to shift our negative self-talk 
  • Self-compassion and perfectionism 
  • Internal vs. External Validation
  • Navigating Fear

And many more! Possibly the best part about working together is that you will leave with a toolbox for each goal. For example if one of your goals is “build authentic confidence”, you will leave with a clear set of tools (that worked specifically for you) that help you maintain that confidence. So, if a year after we finish working together you are having a day you feel low-confidence, you can come back to your confidence toolbox and revisit the tools that worked for you! 

I am humbled by the rave reviews from each and every client who has come through the Performer Mindset program. 100% of clients have had major breakthroughs while coaching with me! Those breakthroughs have translated to gaining representation, supporting themselves with their own thriving businesses while also working in theatre, a greater sense of joy and happiness, booking major roles and most importantly: seeing themselves as a whole & happy person regardless of their “success”. 

Performer Mindset is for students, emerging artists, artists in the first few years of their careers, mid-career artists wondering if there is something more, and artists who want to explore options outside of performing. 

This work changes lives. Period. Book an Appointment for your complimentary Discovery Call today! I can’t wait to meet you! 

Let’s get to work. 

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