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What is life coaching?

Hi! Betsy and Alex here and we’re so excited YOU are here! Just giving you a little insight into what life coaching with Next Up is all about. In general, life coaching is a unique and empowering experience, where the coach and client work together to set goals and the coach supports the client in reaching the goal. And, that’s exactly what will happen with Next Up. We as life coaches will find creative ways to help you meet your specific goal. We find it very important and take special care to design a nonjudgmental space in which you will feel comfortable exploring, taking risks and making changes. We will be here to support and cheer for you each step of the way. During the coaching process don’t be surprised if you begin to develop a deeper awareness of yourself, increase your self-confidence and bolster all of your internal resources. It’s truly amazing the changes and progress you can make when taking the time to carefully design your goals and receive support along your path to success, happiness and living a more passionate life. 

What life coaching is not:

Life coaching is not psychotherapy. Life coaching is future oriented and focuses on your budding potential. Whereas, in a more traditional psychotherapy relationship the therapist may help you explore your past and uncover why a problem exists. Life coaching has a goal-focused nature and the life coach will typically utilize specific and practical activities with the addition of homework to continue to make progress between sessions. 

Alex and I truly believe in the next generation! As your coaches, we believe you are unique and are the expert of your own life with the authority to make your own choices. We believe every situation has possibilities and that you hold the internal resources to unlock these possibilities. You are the future and that’s why we feel it’s incredibly important to offer our life coaching as a guiding light when navigating the twists and turns of young life. We’re ready and cannot wait to hear from you! Let us know how we can help!

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