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Top 5 Tips to Simplify your Life

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As we all know, life can be complicated. Trying to keep up with all of our responsibilities at work, with our family and friends, honouring the commitments we have made, and everything else. It is not easy! Here are 5 tips to simplify our complicated lives…

1. Clear Out and Organize: Go through your belongings to pare down, donate and/or organize one area of your home. This decluttering and clearing out will create space, both physically and mentally, and it will make room for new ideas, opportunities and a renewed sense of clarity.

2. Write Out Your To-Do List: Trying to remember all the things you have to do can clutter up your mind by holding the list in your memory. Writing the items down clears your mental space and will also help you prioritize the different tasks.

3. Slow Down: It is very normal and typical for all of us to be rushing around. Try coming up with a plan to slow down and be more intentional about where and how you spend your time. Slowing down will allow you to be present and really enjoy the small moments during your day.

4. Create a Morning Routine: Your morning can set the tone for your entire day. By developing a routine you are able to start your day with a calming sense of purpose and intention. Your morning routine does not have to be elaborate, but rather a simple set of practical tasks to prepare you for a successful day.

5. Set Monthly Goals: Set between 1-3 new goals for yourself each month. This can help you break down a larger overarching goal into smaller chunks, it can help achieve things that you have intended to do for a while, or it can possibly just help to start a new habit. Ultimately, you will feel a little rush of success each month, which will increase your motivation towards to those big dreams.

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