Perform Confidently

Sometimes the unpredictability of auditions and potential rejection is just too much, no matter what stage of your career you are in. We get it! The Performer Mindset program is designed for any performing artist, no matter if you’re brand new, seasoned, or looking for a clear direction to navigating the ups and downs of the job.   

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Clarity. Calm. Confidence. 
Those three things can take you from crippling self-doubt to feelings of hope. And to get to that second part? It all starts with strengthening your mindset. You'll get the insight and tools to start believing in yourself so that you’re filled with confidence and peace as you perform.

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The goal is to help you build a mindset that gives you confidence on and off the stage.

Gain clarity on what you want your future to look like

Build a healthy and empowered mindset to propel you forward 

Learn how to handle obstacles and setbacks in your career

Set clear goals and develop an actionable plan to reach them 

Get the tools to overcome performance anxiety and fear

Overcome the rejection when you don’t get that job

Overcome the pressure from others and yourself 

Feel calmer with mindfulness meditation and visualization techniques

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Perfectionism, self-doubt, uncertainty? Yep, we've got a solution for that. We tailor every session to your unique goals and use mindset principles, discussion, and actionable steps to help you reach them.

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Life Coaching &
Performer Mindset

One-on-one Coaching. Learn tools and skills to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

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Mindfulness Coaching

Explore the principles of mindfulness through individual sessions, group settings, and mindfulness workshops.

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Custom workshops for your event, company or group. Perfect for functions, conventions and team-building.

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